2018; The Year of Self-Care

I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal that said that long power lunches are long gone. This made me sad. Oh the days of having long lunches. It was great to take a mid-day break from the day’s stressors. Now I cannot remember the last time I had a long lunch whether it be for business or pleasure.

This brings me to the topic of self-care.  I am declaring 2018 the Year of Self-Care.  My hope is that we can all slow down a bit and realize that if we do not take care of ourselves first we really cannot take care of anyone else.  So allow yourself to be a bit selfish in 2018. Develop new habits of taking long lunches, start getting a massage once a week, connect with friends, do things that give you pleasure. Perhaps you want to start volunteering somewhere in your community, start a book club or take a class on a subject you have always been curious about.

When we do things that give us pleasure it raises all the happy chemicals in our brain. It gives us more energy and more motivation to be able to do more for us and the people around us.

Here’s to the Year of Self-Care!

Warmest Regards,



Kirsten Cantley