Spring Cleaning

Happy Spring to all! Spring is the time for new beginnings. Imagine the animals, such as the bears, who are coming out of hibernation. We too are coming out of hibernation. We are coming back to the outdoors. Eating outside, walking, biking and hiking. These are all wonderful ways to boost your endorphins, (the feel good chemicals in our brains)! I have been researching "Earthing" and what it can do for us. Earthing is a fancy term for walking barefoot. Getting outside and walking in the grass, on the sand, basically anywhere. Studies have shown that "Earthing" has beneficial heart-rate changes (sounds like it may help with anxiety; heart rate does go up when anxiety levels are increased) and decreases levels in inflammation, plus it just feels good! So get outside, do some "Earthing" and enjoy this beautiful time of year!

Warmest Regards,


Kirsten Cantley